In order to implement the above objectives, the functions of ITCB shall therefore be as follows:-

a) To advertise and promote the potential of the computer Center through production of promotional and publicity

materials and use of mass media like TV, Newspaper s and radio

b)To seek and identify ICT consultancy and contracted research opportunities as may be put forward by potential clients (government departments, nongovernmental organizations, international organizations, individuals)

c)       To undertake negotiations with clients and select proper consultant(s) and researcher(s) from within and outside SUA staff

d)      To design and develop general and client oriented professional software

e)      To design, develop and implement appropriate general and user oriented IT training programs including short courses and materials according to the market demand

f) To supervise and coordinate ICT projects for the purpose of ensuring high quality, timely and profitable services

g) To design and implement ICT systems

h)To design, implement and administer computer networking