Main Objective

The main objective of establishing the Information Technology Consulting Bureau (ITCB) is to provide and maintain an environment for skilled consultation leading the Computer Center to  being more competitive in obtaining and undertaking contracted IT consultancies and research projects.

 Specific Objectives

The specific objectives of ITCB shall therefore be as follows:-
(a) To promote and coordinate consultancy and contracted research project in ICT
(b) To support, promote and coordinate professional development of software;
(c) To conduct short courses, tailor made training programs, workshops, seminars, conferences and symposiums in ICT
(d) To increase income generation partly for the University including the Computer Center and channel the rest to the individual consultants in order to improve personnel emoluments thus reduce staff turnover rate, i.e. be able to retain competent IT staff;
(e) To publicize the capacity of the Computer Center to the government departments, non- governmental organization and international organizations: