Computer Center Board

a)Shall appoint ITCB Coordinator, Finance and Marketing Officer and administrative Officer from within or outside SUA as deemed appropriate;
b)Shall Receive, Consider and approve ITCB budgets, plans and deliberations from the steering committee
c)Shall Receive,Consider and approve an externally audited income and expenditure report
d)Shall Receive, Consider and approve the appropriate manning level of the ITCB from time to time
e)Shall deliberate on any matter related ITCB

ITCB Steering Committee

The ITCB Steering Committee shall have four members including the ITCB Coordinator, the Finance and Marketing Officer, the Administration and Planning Officer and the appointee of the Director of the Computer Center. The ITCB Coordinator shall be the chairperson of the ITCB Steering Committee. The duties of the Committee shall be as follow:

a)Advise the ITCB Coordinator on matters related to  ITCB function
b)Consider and approve plans under ITCB
c)Recommend the appropriate number of ITCB manning level to the Computer Center Board
d)Shall recommend recruitment of other staff to the Computer Center board for approval
e)From teams of consultant for all projects
f)Earmark and allocate resources for all projects
g)Approve consultant reports

The ITCB Coordinator

The Coordinator shall:
a)Ensure smooth running of the Bureau and proper execution of projects
b)Supervise all finance, marketing, administration and planning matters
c) Act as key negotiator for all project in collaboration with experts
d) He/she shall be answerable to the Computer Center Director
e) Any other duties as it be will be deemed necessary